Norman Bates (Black & White) - Pop! Movies #466 (FYE Exclusive) - 9.5/10 Grade


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Norman Bates (Black & White) - Pop! Movies #466 (FYE Exclusive) - 9.5/10 Grade-Funko-Pop! Vinyl-Vaulted Supply-Rare-Funko-Pop-Store

Norman Bates is a bit of a crazy one. Thought to be abused most of his life by his mother, Norman became insane. His mother and him had an abnormal relationship which later caused Norman to kill her and her fiancé. Norman then develops dissociative identity disorder to cope with killing his mother. Just remember to keep driving if you see the vacancy light on at the Bates Hotel. It won’t be worth the nightmare you’ll face staying the night there. Black & White FYE Exclusive Funko Pop! 

Shipped In Soft Protector

Stylized 4" Vinyl Figure!

Vaulted Supply Co. Box Grading: 9.5/10


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