Huey - Pop! Disney #307 (DuckTales) - 9.5/10 Grade


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Huey - Pop! Disney #307 (DuckTales) - 9.5/10 Grade-Funko-Pop! Vinyl-Vaulted Supply-Rare-Funko-Pop-Store

Shipped In Soft Protector

The richest duck in the world Scrooge McDuck, the adorable Webbigail and her Quacky Patch doll, and his triplet grandnephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie get the Pop! vinyl treatment! Pop! figures bring your favorite Disney characters to life with a unique stylized design. Each vinyl figure stands 3.75 inches tall and comes in window box packaging, making them great for display!

Stylized 4" Vinyl Figure!

Vaulted Supply Co. Box Grading: 9.5/10


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