Freddy Krueger (8-Bit) - Pop! 8-Bit #22 (Nightmare on Elm Street) - 9/10 Grade


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Freddy Krueger (8-Bit) - Pop! 8-Bit #22 (Nightmare on Elm Street) - 9/10 Grade-Funko-Pop! Vinyl-Vaulted Supply-Rare-Funko-Pop-Store

Shipped In Soft Protector

This Raiden vinyl figure is released by Funko in their POP! 8-bit x Mortal Kombat vinyl figure series.Funko POP! is a crossover vinyl figure series by Funko and other famous franchises such as Disney, Pixar, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Simpsons, South Park, Uglydoll, etc. Each POP! figure is about ~3" to ~5" tall and crafted in a Japanese anime/manga super-deformed style (NOTE: due to the unique design of each character, the actual size of the figures may be smaller or bigger than stated). The POP! 8-bit x Mortal Kombat features characters from the video game franchise originally developed by Midway Games' Chicago studio in 1992. Mortal Kombat has since become one of the most successful fighting franchises in the history of video games. The series has a reputation for high levels of bloody violence, including, most notably, its Fatalities (finishing moves, requiring a sequence of button inputs to perform)

Stylized 4" Vinyl Figure!

Vaulted Supply Co. Box Grading: 9/10


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