New Pop! Vinyl Drops at Vaulted Supply (Week of 8/5/19) - Rare and Precious Funko Grails!

Vaulted Supply

This week we have so many exciting new pieces coming for you Funatics out there. Check out some of the highlights we have dropping daily!

Darth Maul, Luke, Notorious, Blue Suit Incredible, Green Lantern, Gizmo Funko Pop

1. Luke Skywalker (Gold) - 2019 SDCC Fundays Exclusive (Limited to 80 Pieces)

2. Holographic Darth Maul - 2019 SDCC Exclusive (Limited to 480 Pieces) 

3. The Joker (Metallic Bobblehead Chase) - 2010 Target Exclusive (Very Rare!)

4. The Notorious B.I.G. (Metallic) - 2011 SDCC Exclusive (Limited to 240 Pieces)

5. Blue Suit Mr. Incredible - 2011 SDCC Exclusive (Limited to 480 Pieces)

6. Green Lantern (Glow in the Dark) - 2010 SDCC Exclusive (Limited to 240 Pieces)

7. Franken Berry - OG Ad Icons 

8. Nightwing (Metallic) - 2013 Fugitive Toys Exclusive

9. White Walker (Glow in the Dark) - 2013 HMV Exclusive

10. Gizmo (Flocked) - 2011 SDCC Exclusive (Limited to 480 Pieces)

We will update this blog post with links as we release these pieces! Stay tuned!

- Matt

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